Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Forms I Need to Bring to Camp?

If you purchased a Rider, Guardian, or Volunteer Ticket and will be attending camp, please go to the Camp Forms page, print out necessary forms, and bring to camp.  Forms are required in order to participate.

Please Bring the Following Forms to Camp:
A Student Permission and Medical Form for each student ticket holder
A Minor Waiver for each minor ticket holder (under 18)
An Adult Permission and Medical Form for each adult ticket holder
An Adult Waiver for each adult ticket holder 

Also on Camp Forms Page is a PDF of What to Bring to Camp that we recommend you view for each camp.

Is There a Discount for Family Members Riding in the Same Camp?

Yes, you will receive a $100 discount on the additional rider tickets.

If you are purchasing rider tickets for multiple members of the same family you are entitled to a $100 discount. Use the Following Promotion Code at checkout:

2NDrider – for rider #2 in one order from same family
– for rider #3 in one order from same family
– for rider #4 in one order from same family

*This does not apply to a single rider with single/multiple guardian attendance. You must purchase multiple rider tickets for riders in the same family to use this code.

Is There a Discount for Attending More than One Camp in Calendar Year?

Yes, you will receive a $100 discount if you attend two Fuel Ministry Camps in one calendar year.  You must have both camps in your cart at checkout.  Must be same rider attending both camps to be eligible.  Use coupon code multicamps during checkout.

If you are attending three Fuel Ministry Camps in one calendar year, please use promo code 3multicamps during checkout to receive $200 off registration.  Must be same camper attending all three camps to be eligible and you must register for all three in one transaction.


Fuel Ministry Mailing Address
13607 Broken Branch Way
Louisville, KY 40245
Is Safety Equipment Required?


Yes.  Helmet, boots, gloves, and eye protection are required safety equipment.


Can Parents or Guardians Come to Camp?

Some of the Camps have Guardian Tickets available.  Guardian Tickets include food during the week.  Some of the locations requires guardians to bring own camper and some of the locations have cabins available for those purchasing Guardian Tickets.

Are There Age Limits on the Riders That May Attend?

Ages 6 and on up!  Camper must be able to sleep with the rest of their age group and able to sleep without a guardian.  Adults are able to be campers.

Does My Camper Stay at Camp for the Duration of the Event?

Yes, your child does stay at camp for the duration of the event.  Campers are required to stay with their age group and huddle leaders.

Are Exhaust Flame Arrestors Required
They are not currently required at any of our camps.
Does Fuel Ministry Rent/Provide Equipment?

No. Every camper brings their own bike or quad and riding gear.

Do You Sell Gasoline or Oil?

Fuel ministry does not provide services to maintain your equipment or fuel. Each camper brings their own.  We ask that you come with your bike/quad tank full and bring 5 extra gallons of fuel with you to camp.

ATV 450 Age Restriction?

You must be 16 years of age by the start date to ride an ATV 450 at camp. *Exceptions must be approved by the Camp Dean.

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