2108 Fuel Off Road Camp Registration

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  • ATV Camp Rider Ticket

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  • fuel ministry - dirt fueled fun

    ATV Camp Staff Ticket

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  • Chuck Lemaster

    Bike Camp Staff Ticket


Discount for Family Members Riding in the Same Event

Yes, you will receive a $100 discount for the second rider ticket purchased.

If you are purchasing rider tickets for multiple members of the same family you are entitled to a $100 discount. Use the Following Promotion Code at checkout:

mfd2018-2nd – for rider #2 in one order from same family
– for rider #3 in one order from same family
– for rider #4 in one order from same family

*This does not apply to a single rider with single/multiple guardian attendance. You must purchase multiple rider tickets for riders in the same family to use this code.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! - 2018 Fuel Off Road ATV/Bike Camp Tickets. BIKE Camp July 9-13 2018, ATV Camp July 16-20 2018. Dismiss