Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is designed with you in mind.

What We Do With Gathered Information

No credit card or payment information is retained in any way.

Other details gathered during checkout or in your account profile are stored for use by Fuel Ministry only.

We are not partnered with any third party for date collection or retention, and will never share or sell your information. If the website is deleted all information and accounts will be deleted.

Information Collected and With Whom it is Shared

Information gathered is NEVER shared with others. Information collected never includes any health data.

Information gathered in whole or in part for all participants, parents, guardians, emergency contacts, and students. is as follows:

  • First and Last Name(s)
  • Address(s)
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Date(s) and Time(s) of Data Collection(s)
  • Connection(s) Detail
  • Email Address(s)
  • Agreement(s) and Term(s)


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